Is Trash Talking Bad for Sport?

Throughout the history of sport, trash talking has always been used to get into an opponent’s head – there have even been studies to see just how effective trash talking as a whole is both in sports but also in many different industries around the world too. There are also prime examples of those who […]

Why Has The Gaming Industry Has Become So Popular?

Over the past couple of decades, the gaming industry, and especially since the introduction of the internet to the market, has quickly become one of the fastest-growing industries on the market, and this dominance in the entertainment industry is only due to a rise in the coming years. Although, why the gaming industry has become […]

Conflict Concerns from Online Gaming

Online gaming as a whole certainly seems to be hitting its stride as it moves through its prime with the biggest services in the world continuing to grow, the centre of the growth has certainly been within the many different interactive multiplayer games that have become most well known across streaming platforms and their representation […]