Can Identifying Conflict Concerns Lead to More Problems?

In the growing online space and changing digital landscape, delivering on changes to enhance the customer experience of all players have often been key in helping particular services grow and succeed – whether this be from the biggest online esports, growing online gaming platforms an example being Wish casinos list of titles, through to the smaller platforms still looking to find a new audience. But solving one problem can often lead to others, and conflict resolution isn’t always as simple as identifying the problem and making a change, and a platform that has learnt more about this than others recently has been within the online streaming platform of Twitch.

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Well known amongst fans for the huge amount of content it delivers and the big streamers who have made a name for themselves, it also gains a huge amount of attention for the controversial changes it makes that time and time again seem to lead to more conflict – a change in the type of language allowed to be used in chats or categories only for it to contradict a previous change made, or a change in guidelines for streaming that would otherwise be a bannable offense leading to no action where other creators find larger repercussions for much of the same. It often raises a very interesting question, if the changes had never been made, and the problem not brought to attention, would it still lead to the same conflicting outcomes, or would it be something more easily looked over?

There certainly will be future changes needed after all the social landscaping of the world is changing and language is evolving to include terms and such that may not have been as present before, and in efforts of inclusion insuring that an entire audience is catered to and kept happy is important for online services in particular, but with hopes that there’s a better way of doing so. It has been shown time and time again that bringing attention to something extremely specific typically makes the matter worse, if you ban a word in an online anonymous platform then it doesn’t deter usage, it just complicates the way it may be used and encourages others to use it more just for a reaction or changing the way certain categories are to be used like in the Twitch example leads others to pushing the boundaries to see where they are.

It’s certainly something interesting to be considered, changes can be made without bringing attention to it, but whenever a big announcement is made it has been shown that it can often lead to more conflict issues than had existed before, and lead to more after the fact too.